How to Win The Lotto Quickly

Although lots of lotto winners have got lucky with a arbitrary number match or lucky dip ticket there are numerous lotto winners who didn't rely on pure luck. You can learn more about this at so be sure to check it out.

Winning the lotto is all about luck - correct? With terribly bad chances of landing the jackpot you need to be tremendously lucky to select all the correct numbered balls. Well, it is correct to say that nearly all winners are fortunate but there are a multitude of people that claim fortune had very little to do with their success.

Is it is a coincidence when some people win the lotto twice, three times or, in the case of an Oklahoma Maths Professor, 5 times?

If you believe such lotto successes possibly could be down to more than mere luck then you will be interested to the remainder of this post.

The lotto is created so that nearly all people lose. In order to have big wins the chances of winning must be very low. It is only the huge number of gamers that makes certain somebody wins. Still the chances of winning are so lowly that sometimes a game can go long periods with no winners.

Believe it or not there are algorithmic techniques that have already been utilized to win enormous prizes in lotteries all throughout the Earth.

The issue with the majority of lotto players is that they select their numbers randomly.

Surely there's players that possibly could have, what I will loosely call, a "system" like picking birthdays, important dates or numbers that are meaningful to them but they don't have a solid algorithmic system that they follow.

When you select numbers in any way but through a helpful and demonstrable algorithmic technique you have an extremely small chance of winning the jackpot.

For instance in the UK National Lottery draw you must select six winning numbers from a possible forty-nine. This means there are forty-nine numbers to choose from and you get to select six and they have to all be drawn in order for you to win the top prize.

The chances of this occurring are 14 million to one.

These chances of winning are so slim that you've a higher chance of being dead on draw day than taking home the jackpot.

What you must do, if you ever want to win a significant prize in the lottery, is to acquire a means for entering the draw that's based on algorithmic principles and has been shown to work.

Standard lotto entries will never make you a lotto winner unless you are one of the select lucky few that God has blessed with mind boggling good luck.

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